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5 positive aspects of menopause to look forward to

Menopause is often described in a negative way and it can come with a lot of challenges. About 75% of all women experience symptoms that affects them in a negative way during the transition into menopause. But, are there also things to look forward to? We actually found 5 positive aspects of menopause.

1. End of menstruation

The one thing most women agree on as positive with menopause is that they get rid of their period. Not having to worry about pregnancy anymore is one thing, but also for women that previously suffered from PMS, bloating or cramps menopause can come as a relief. During the transition into menopause (perimenopause) some women experience worse PMS, but once their period stops those symptoms are over.

“Getting rid of my period will be a relief, I already have less period and also fewer cramps”

2. Better self-confidence

Many women attest that they feel a lot stronger mentally, more grounded and that they don’t accept doing things they don’t like anymore. Other describe that they feel more humble, grateful and feel it’s easier to love others and also themselves. It’s a feeling of getting to know yourself better and liking what you see.

“I definitely have increased self-esteem and I feel stronger mentally.”

3. Higher sex drive

For some women menopause comes with a higher sex drive, this can both be linked to hormonal changes and to higher self-esteem and not having to worry about pregnancy anymore. A woman described that she finally accepted her self, the way her body looked like and with that came a bigger lust when the anxiety and self-hate were gone. As well as seeing yourself in a new light, you might also see your partner in a new way which may spark your relationship.

“I fell in love with my husband again and my sex drive increased.”

4. Decrease in sleep

As we get older we often experience a decrease in the need for sleep, and some women feel much more energetic and full of energy. You have more time to do things you like, and to focus on you.

“I feel so much more energetic and don’t need as much sleep as before”

5. Fewer migraine attacks

In the years leading up to menopause, you might experience more migraines but if your migraine is linked to hormonal fluctuation then menopause can give you relief because after menopause your hormone levels will be more stable again. Women we talked to described that migraine attacks came less often, and were less severe and then eventually they disappeared.

“In my perimenopause, my migraine attacks disappeared”

It wasn’t easy, but we finally managed to find 5 positive aspects of menopause. Hopefully, you will experience some of them. The journey towards menopause can be challenging, but it’s a phase in life and at some point, you are through it. Just accepting that you are in it can sometimes make you feel better, it’s a normal phase of every woman’s life and you are not alone in this.


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