You’re not alone.

Menopause doesn’t have to be the end of the world (quite the opposite). Sadly, today, many see it as that. But really, what it should be looked at is a celebration of a well-lived life. And perhaps, even a discovery of

a lifetime: that menopause, far from being the end

of the best part of a woman's existence, can be a beginning of something new.

Either if you have tracked your cycle slavishly your entire fertile life and you know exactly what your hormones are telling you, or if menopause has hit you in the face with a big ole' feeling of whaaat the heck

is going on?! Olivia is here for you.

Olivia is that friend that gives really, really, (REALLY) good advice and who just knows everything (she’s

a bit of a know-all honestly).


Let’s break it down

Menopause is the time when you haven't had a menstruation (meaning - also having a ovulation. Head over to the blog to read more about periods), for 12 coherent months, period! Pun intended.

What that means is that your ovaries have stopped producing eggs and all of the estrogen and progesterone supporting that function has declined.

The time before that is called perimenopause. Perimenopause is the time when most women have symptoms that’s affecting their lives in a negative way.


75% of women

Experience menopause


70% of women

Say menopause impacts their daily life in a negative way

60% of women

Feel isolated in their journey


The symptoms

Menopause comes naturally with age, but there are reasons it could start earlier for you. Perhaps you have gone through medical treatment to be placed into menopause, or have had your ovaries removed.

Menopause is usually associated with hot flashes, but actually, hot flashes is not the most reported symptom, and it is only one out of
34 symptoms we today know are related to menopause.


Olivia is here for you.png

Olivia is here for you!


With simple lifestyle changes, you can ease your symptoms.

Luckily for you, and everyone in the world really, you can access all of the information and all of the hacks in the Olivia app, guiding you through your own unique menopause journey, step by step.

Now, what are you waiting for? Wellness awaits!