Frequently asked questions

What vaccinations and documentation does my dog need to be bathed/groomed?

We ask that your dog be updated on all vaccinations according to their veterinarian. While we don't require you to bring documentation, we will ask that you sign a waiver upon arrival stating that your pet is up-to-date, listing your veterinarian, and granting us permission to verify your dog's vet records if necessary.

Are the staff equipped to handle senior dogs and dogs with special needs?

Our bathers are trained to safely accommodate and bathe senior dogs and dogs with special needs such as anxiety. Our bathing facilities are equipped with ramps, non-slip mats, and shower extensions so your pet will be as comfortable as possible.

Can I bring my puppy in to be bathed/groomed?

Puppies (4 months) and older can be bathed or groomed at Mutt & Joe if they are up-to-date on all vaccinations required for their age.

Can I watch while my dog is bathed/groomed?

We do not allow owners to accompany dogs in the bathing/grooming area (except in extenuating circumstances), but because of the way our facility is built, with an emphasis on transparency, you can see most of your pet's bathing and grooming experience through a window to the back. We encourage you to stay and enjoy a coffee and a treat while you wait!

Can I request the use of nail clippers instead of the dremel?

Yes. We understand that some dogs are sensitive to the sound of the dremel used for nail trimming. Please let our staff know your request for nail clippers when you arrive and check in.

What if my dog has allergies, wounds, or injuries?

Please inform our staff of any sensitivities, allergies, wounds, or injuries your dog has when you arrive. We offer special shampoos for dogs with sensitive skin and can forego any scented products if need be. We also allow you to bring in specialty shampoo that may have been recommended by a veterinarian for use during the visit. We cannot bathe dogs with open wounds for their safety and the safety of our staff and other dog customers. Dogs with injuries will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Is coffee available for purchase by the bag?

We sell Zeke's coffee by the cup and also by the bag, ground to your specifications.

Do you offer any vegan or dairy-free options?

We do offer milk alternatives for your beverage orders. Our treats are made fresh daily and vary based on the inspiration of our baristas. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that we will always have a vegan option available.

Can I call in my food/drink order ahead of time?

Yes! To avoid the wait, please call 410-793-5340 and place your order in advance and we will be happy to have it ready for you to pick up.

Where do you get your ingredients?

As often as possible, we purchase the ingredients for our food and drinks from local vendors like South Mountain Creamery and Zeke's Coffee.

Are dogs allowed in the coffee shop?

Our coffee shop is "humans only," but you can order food and beverages and enjoy them on the dog wash side with your pup. You can also wait in the coffee shop while your dog is being bathed/groomed and we will let you know when they are finished.

Do you accept walk-ins?

At this time, we are not accepting walk-ins for baths, spa services or grooming. You can make an appointment for any of our services by calling the shop at 410-793-5340.