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About us

We are guided by the belief that women should be in control of their hormonal journey, not feel restricted and confused about it.

Women are run on hormones, it’s a beautifully constructed machinery that can run countries, put babies into the world, create magic at the same time as being on a hormonal ride controlling every emotion of it. That’s quite a ride. But sometimes we may feel we don’t have enough control over it.

When there is a glitch in the machinery, and the hormones are fluctuating, we may need support to get back on track again.

And that’s why we’re here.


Isis Amer-Wåhlin is Olivias Chief Medical Advisor.

Isis Amer-Wåhlin,MD, PhD at the Department
of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics
at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm. Senior consultant
in Womens Health, with an international background
as a clinical expert she also holds a MSc in System safety and the human factor from Lund School
of Engineering.

Extensive background as a Medical Advisor at
the Health Administration of the Stockholm Region
and Director of the Stockholm County Council Innovation Board.

Isis Amer-Wåhlin has worked in the Life-Science industry with medical marketing and market access
as well as e-health and is also an entrepreneur
in the health-tech area as the founder of 2Heal Medical.

Main areas of interest are medical technology, quality and sustainability in health care and medical management and policy. Dr Amer-Wåhlin has published 70 papers in international indexed
peer-reviewed journals and authored several book chapters. She is a member of the scientific council
in several peer-reviewed journals.

She is currently the member of several European Expert Groups.


About the founders

Olivia is founded by Amy and Hannah with the shared vision of improving the wellbeing of women. With the belief that all women should be in control of their own hormonal journeys, and not be restricted by it. All through life and its different phases.

Founded in 2020
Stockholm, Sweden

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