Olivia menopause sign tracker.png

Yes, I've downloaded TestFlight from AppStore and now I can click the link!

Our menopause

tracker is here!

Be the first to try our menopause tracker and start to track signs, influences and your periodYou will also get access to insights about your tracking, and tips on things to try out to feel better.


To test the tracker you need to have an iPhone, and then download the app Testflight, it's available for free in your AppStore.

  1. Open AppStore and search for TestFlight

  2. Install Testflight. Once you have installed TestFlight you go back to this page.

  3. Click Test Olivia (you need to do this on your iPhone)

  4. Now you can choose to install Olivia MVP from TestFlight

  5. You will come straight into the tracking page - happy tracking!

Your feedback makes us better! We'd love to hear your thoughts about Olivia, send them to feedback@join-olivia.com.