Lets talk about menopause!

your personal menopause guide!

Hi, I am Olivia

In your 40s and have started to notice changes in your body?

Every woman will experience the transition into menopause differently

What is unique is YOU

Menopause - a natural part of life

The journey towards menopause can be a rocky ride!
Understand and learn

Talk to Olivia and learn more about yourself and about menopause.

Log and track signs

Olivia let you keep track of your signs and see how they progress over time.

Personalised self-help

Olivia give you personalised tips on things you can try to get relive.


75% of women

Experience menopause symptoms

70% of women

Say menopause impacts their daily life

60% of women

Feel isolated in their journey

Developed with leading experts in women's health

Olivia collaborates with top health experts and academic advisors to incorporate the latest research-backed evidence

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