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Welcome to Olivia!

Get research-based knowledge, individual guidance, and concrete tools for how to thrive through this phase of life.


Always available in the Olivia app.

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Menopause is
a natural part of life

Your journey through menopause is unique - and the support should be too. Olivia will always be with you, every step of the way.

Follow tailormade programs
to ease your symptoms

Olivia offers expert-created programs that offer guidance on stress relief, better sleep quality, self-confidence, strengthening your relationships, and many more topics that are updated constantly. These programs are based on your symptoms and your individual needs. 

Created with leading experts, based on cognitive behavioural therapy methods.

As one cycle ends, a new one begins.
Start your journey with Olivia today.
Keep track and discover connections between your symptoms and daily habits

Continuously updated analytics on how
your symptoms are progressing over time, based on the in-app tracking tool. You can track any symptom as well as your mood changes.

Space to reflect

Daily self-reflection and a place to practice understanding and caring for yourself. 

Track your feelings daily to reflect and make lifestyle changes.

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“For the first time in my menopause journey I don’t feel alone anymore. The support I have gotten in the Olivia app and community is more than I have ever gotten from my doctor. I have already recommended it to all of my friends!”

- Anna, 49 years old.
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Learn everything you need
to know to thrive in this
phase of life.

A comprehensive bank of knowledge
to help you understand what’s actually going on in your body, as well as changes you can make to alleviate symptoms.

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